Mushroom tea


Drink Cordyceps Mushroom tea for your health

For two millennia, the medicinal mushroom Cordyceps sinensis has been used in China and Tibet as a remedy for all sorts of diseases. It would increase overall health and vitality and be effective against various complaints. The mushroom tea via Brightsign Store is processed in this mushroom. If you have been struggling with the same symptoms for a long time or are simply looking for new ways to become healthy and fit, it is a good option to order this tea. Cheers to your health!

What is Cordyceps sinensis?

The Cordyceps sinensis is a mushroom that lives as a parasite on certain caterpillars. Originally only found in the high mountains of Tibet and southwest China, the fungus is threatened with extinction due to its frequent use. These days, however, it is also grown in other suitable places, sometimes even caterpillar-free. In this way more and more people can benefit from the effect of this wonderful mushroom.

The Cordyceps mushroom tea is used to increase overall health and vitality, for example with age-related ailments. In addition, it is assumed that the high concentration of antioxidants has a preventive effect against cancer. But it is also used against countless other specific complaints, such as:

Poor endurance;

Erectile dysfunction;

Decreased libido;

Overall lifelessness;

Common cold;

Liver disorders;

Kidney disease;

Low blood pressure and dizziness.

The use of the Cordyceps mushroom tea

You can use our Cordyceps mushroom tea in 2 ways. During the day to keep your energy level high, or occasionally. For example in the case of complaints or actions that require energy (taking an exam, exercising or even a party). It is therefore a very versatile tool.

Do you want to make use of Cordyceps mushroom tea but do you have questions about the use and / or functioning? Then please contact us. You can call 085-888 6876 or send us a message via the contact form. We are happy to help you find the right mushroom tea for your needs.