Massage oil as pain relief

In Brightsign Store’s online shop, you can find the perfect massage oil to get rid of pain. Our quality products have a medical license and are unique compared to other herb products. We offer a variety of herbs for a healthy life.


Relieving pain with herbs

With us you are in the right place for quality oils and balsams which can be used for pain relief. These liniments are from Thailand and are all approved. They are 100% natural and only contain herbs.

The advantage of herbs is that they cleanse the body, mind and soul and carry a healing power with them. Synthetic extracts are not included and the products are not homeopathic. This makes these pain killers unique. Brightsign Store is one of the only dealers that offers these quality products worldwide.


About our herbal products

Our range of oils and balsams is extremely varied. You can buy Wang Wan Oil, a pain killer mix with 100 pain relieving herbs, among other things. This formula is very effective for pain in the tendons, joints and bones. You can also use this oil for cramps, diabetes and gout.

You can also find Aroma Balm with us: a fresh aroma with strong herbs that helps you to relax and relieves pain. This can be used for massages or to cure headaches, muscle pains and flu. Our Rub Me Plai Balsam is recommended for insect bites, nausea and other pains. Use Spray Massage Oil when your knee, back or other body parts are aching. This spray oil is ideal for athletes.

Use the best of nature to make your life healthy. Take a look at our offer of massage oils and place your order. If you have any questions, please contact us by calling 085-8886876 or fill in the contact form. Choose pain relief based on herbs!