Pornthap - Pornthap aroma massage balsem Mok

A fine relaxing aroma very refreshing and this is a counter pain reliever , used for massaging body and also are used for reliefs of pain. is a medium strong cream made from pure herbs

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A medium strong cream made from pure herbs, good to use for pain reliefs , Headack , muscle pain , all can be treat with this Aroma massage balsem

This nice aroma balsem contains :
Butyrosepermum parkii butter,Castor oil acid,Methyl Ester, Cera Alba.Citric Acid,Cymbopogon Citratus oil, Fragrance , Glycine soja oil.Hydrogenated Macadamia seed oil, Mentha arvensis oil, Olea Europaea oil,Paraff wax, Petroleum jelly.Prunes amygdalus dulcis oil,Wrightia religiosa oil.

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